History teaches us about the future

History creates an expectation and an understanding of what we can deliver – as well as what we can’t. There’s no more valuable learning curve than when we learn from our mistakes. In the case of Lars Wingefors, everything started with a passionate interest in collecting comics, among other things (see Collections). This dedicated interest in combination with a nose for business proved laden with potenial and was the catalyst for Wingefors’s later venture into the world of computer games, and indeed, the wider group of

businesses owned by Wingefors today. The path to success has been paved with important experiences, even interspersed with some setbacks, but in combination they have built valuable skills for the future. Skills from which Wingefors continually draws advantage and which can be readily offered to the company’s partners. The belief is, that as long as the passion and drive is there, so is the potential.